Nov. Editorial

Diana Pham, Editor and Chief

With the return of Father Emil Kapaun’s remains to Wichita Sept. 29, it is important for us to welcome him back with open arms. Through attending daily Mass, receiving the sacraments and talking to Jesus everyday, we can be ready and in tip-top shape for his return.

Especially as students at Kapaun Mt. Carmel, we want to pay our respects and show him that his school contains students who strive to be Christ-like everyday. It is nothing short of a miracle that his remains were finally found after 70 years, so we should express our gratitude and prepare ourselves in the best way possible.

Having Fr. Kapaun’s remains in Wichita gives us easy access to come and see him anytime we want. It is a great blessing to have this opportunity to be in front of the very man that risked his life for so many people. When he gets canonized as a Saint, Wichita will become an even more holy and sacred place.

Many students here do not know much about Fr. Kapaun’s life. To prepare, it is encouraged that everyone look more into what he experienced and saw during his time on Earth. If we actually know who Fr. Kapaun is, the funeral will be much more fruitful and personal. After all, the point of a funeral is to show reverence and pray for someone that you had a personal connection with. 

If you are someone who is knowledgeable about Fr. Kapaun’s life, take the time to meditate upon his life and pray to him. Whether it be to intercede for our school, ask for more courage or to be more selfless, find something that you can personally connect with Fr. Kapaun on.