Music Matters

Beatriz Moscoso and Olivia Kilby

Music can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. Music can be motivational, it can be relaxing, or it can be relatable, all depending on what you listen to.

To sophomore Wyatt Hedrick, music is a way to get his motivation up.

“I listen to music mostly in the car or working out,” Hedrick said. “It’s rap music, a little bit of country. I listen to DaBaby and Drake and A Boogie wit da Hoodie. Since it’s mostly rap music, it makes me feel excited or motivated to do whatever I need to do.”

For junior Anna Murphy, musical lyrics are relatable.

“I listen to stuff that’s on the radio,” Murphy said. “It’s not really a specific genre. How music makes me feel depends on my mood. Sometimes songs make me sad because a lot of the stuff I listen to I relate to, and if I’m feeling it I think ‘that hit too hard, I’m skipping that one.’ In my playlist I have a lot of Luke Combs and Juice WRLD.”

In a spring 2021 survey of students, it was found that pop is king amongst their favorite genres.

Junior Blaise Stewart is the type of person who listens to pretty much everything.

“I would describe my music taste as everything except hard rock and heavy metal,” Stewart said. “My favorite genre is country because I like the vibes of it. It’s chill, with summer vibes. I listen to Lil Dicky a lot, Lil Yachty, Yung Gravy, and J.Lo. Honestly, music gives me a little dopamine rush. When you play music for a certain vibe, like country during the summer, it’s the best. And at a party play a little dance music. You have to play depending on the area and space you’re in.”

Junior Graciela Hernandez cycles through listening to plenty of rock bands.

“I like organizing my music. Usually I listen to rock music, but I use Spotify which has a Discover Weekly page, and I choose what is most appealing to me,” Hernandez said. “Most of the songs I have give me an image in my head, like an animation. I used to listen to Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Starset and Skillet. Right now I listen to Missio and Jack Stauber. Music is really motivating; it makes me excited. I get motivated to do art. I want to do something that goes along with the music but I don’t because I don’t really know how to put it out there.”