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April 19, 2021

EYE ON THE PRIZE. In a self portrait, senior Olivia Kilby works late into the night on homework. Kilby believes that her desk is where she does her best work.


With COVID-19, cancelations and hybrid schooling, students have had to figure out new ways to adapt to a changing environment. Maybe they used to only have one sibling home, and two desks, so they each got their own. But now another sibling is home more often and one has to sit at the dinner table, the floor, or on the bed. Change can be stressful, especially when all people want is a bit of normalcy back in their lives. However, change also has to be dealt with in order to move on with life. 

For senior Jennifer Jacobs, not much has changed in regards to her study environment.

“I have the same study area, a desk in my room,” Jacobs said. “It hasn’t changed at all. I have one sister, but we usually give each other space when doing homework.”

Junior Diana Pham has a very similar study space to Jacobs.

“I usually study at my desk because it has a lot of space, and I can access my computer easily,” Pham said. “COVID hasn’t really affected where I study.”

Pham says that even though her own study environment hasn’t changed, her sister’s has, at least a bit. 

“My sister switches between her desk and her bed depending on her mood,” Pham said. “If she feels tired, she will usually lay on her bed, but if she feels motivated, she will sit at her desk.”

Although her tangible study environment, where she sits down to do her work, has not changed, Jacobs’ study methods have changed due to Kapaun Mt. Carmel’s hybrid schedule. 

“I don’t have as much homework,” Jacobs said. “Since I go to school in the afternoon, I love sleeping in and I am able to do school work in the morning before school starts if I need to. This new way is for the better and has freed up a lot of time for me.”

Pham is in total agreement about the hybrid schedule.

“Because of the hybrid schedule, I feel like I have more flexibility when doing my work,” Pham said. “I have class in the afternoon, so if I don’t get my work done at night, I can finish it by the morning. I usually try my best to complete all the assignments at night, though. I like the schedule because I have more breathing room, and I get to sleep in before I go to school.”