Inside the head of a beauty queen


Natalie Phan, social media manager & web editor

Junior Scarlett Resendez knows the meaning of the word “perseverance.” Crowned this year as Princess of America Miss Kansas Junior, Resendez has been competing in beauty pageants since the age of 12.

Resendez will be going into Princess of America Nationals Nov. 22 in Branson, Mo.

“Before competition, you need to ‘prepare’ and what I mean by that is practicing interview questions, walking in heels, and writing a personal question. If you want you can also compete in optional competitions. I compete in talent and play the ukulele and casual wear modeling which is wearing casual (but a really bold ‘out there’ casual) outfit,” said Resendez.

Resendez will be judged in a timed interview and judged for her presentation on formal wear gown, presentation and timing of her personal introduction.

“It seems like a super complicated process but after competing after four years it’s not that bad anymore!” said Resendez.

“Being Miss KS Jr. has affected me in a numerous amount of ways. It gave me the opportunity to want to better myself as a person and as a role model to younger girls. It allowed me to find myself and know I am worth it, crown or no crown. My experience has been nothing but great with the support of many friends and family members,” said Resendez.

“When I got off stage, the first person I called was my best friend and she was super happy for me. My family was very excited for me too. I went to my grandma’s house the night I won and she was excited,” said Resendez.
For Scarlett Resendez’s mother, Jan Resendez and her family, Resendez’s time on the pageant circuit has been a good journey.

“[Scarlett’s pageantry has] been great! It’s also been fun and very exciting. It’s also been hectic because it’s stressful to make sure we have clothes, shoes, makeup. It can be rough,” said Jan Resendez.

According to Jan Resendez, pageantry has helped Scarlett in multiple ways.

“I feel like both pageant organizations Scarlett has done, they have done a really good job to boost confidence and not really focus on the ‘looks’ part of it. And also it’s a fun way for girls to meet other girls from other states,” said Jan Resendez. “It’s expensive! But other than that it has not affected us at all. It’s fun to watch Scarlett love what she’s doing.”

Scarlett Resendez’s father Jeremy Resendez has the same positive thoughts about her pageant experience.
“Everybody loves watching Scarlett and are very proud of her for winning and getting up on stage and doing what she loves,” said Jeremy Resendez.

For many girls competing in beauty pageants, stress can be an overwhelming issue.

“As much as I love competing in pageants, stress has come with that. I think the most stressful part is having very little time to change your outfits in between your optionals [or] competition and getting on stage on time,” said Scarlett Resendez. “But honestly, I think my mom stresses out more during competition week than I do. I try to make every day stress free, fun, and memorable during competition.”

In recent years, critics claim child beauty pageants are outdated or harmful, but to Resendez, pageantry is neither of those things.

“I don’t think [pageants] are outdated. A lot of women today still compete in pageants and a lot of younger girls are still entering pageants,” Resendez said. “I’ve made friends not just from Princess of America but from National American Miss, the other organization I’ve competed with, as well.”

“My friend from NAM won POA for Oklahoma so I will be seeing her at nationals this month! We have a couple group chats on Instagram from all the girls that won state for POA so it’s been a good opportunity to know the girls a little bit more through social media,” said Scarlett Resendez.

Aside from friendships, beauty pageants have also made more Resendez more confident and improved her self esteem, according to Resendez.

“If I’m in a big gorgeous dress and have makeup on that makes me look like a celebrity, I’m gonna be so confident on stage. I would compare it like this: do you think you look better when you’re all ready for the day or when you just woke up and rolled out of bed?”

“Pageants have given me the opportunity to know my worth. I know I am beautiful inside and out, with or without makeup, and with or without a crown,” said Scarlett Resendez.