COVID masks senior year memories


Paladin Editorial Staff

A staff editorial is the opinion of the Kapaun Mt. Carmel Paladin newsmagazine staff. The intent is to state a opinion related to a news story and make suggestion for change or compliment something.

Coronavirus, an 11 letter word that has changed our lives forever, put 2020 in history books and has impacted the whole world. The rumors surrounding schools about the virus started early March, soon after spring break, and learning went fully online. This meant that last year’s seniors’ prom, all spring sports, and a traditional graduation were all off the table. Understandably, the new way of learning and the stripping of their last bit of senior activities must have been heartbreaking. However, this year’s group of seniors will have a whole school year of canceled memories and limited opportunities.

Although all students have been affected by the virus, seniors arguably get the worst of it. No matter what learning system school’s have in place, seniors will never truly experience what their last year in high school should be all about. Dances have been canceled, sports teams must play with a limited number of fans, or no fans at all, and talking to fellow classmates before and after school is difficult to do while social distancing. Imagine the last year of high school filled with masks, temperature checking, endless zoom classes, and throw in an abundance of memories and events being canceled and you have got yourself a grim senior year. Seniors who never got to experience their junior year prom because of COVID, are now facing their last opportunity being taken away as well. It is sad to think that seniors who participate in sports must play their last home game without the support of their fellow classmates or even parents watching. Those who are involved in theatre or choir practice for hours on end only to perform for a live streamed camera instead of an audience.

Due to the virus, colleges began to shut down, leaving seniors full of anxiety about their lives after high school. Touring campuses and participating in their activities is an important part of finding the college that fits favorably. Campus tours were transformed from in-person to online; tours being less impactful. No matter if seniors choose to go into the workforce, college, tech school or the armed forces, the future is full of mystery for them due to the virus.
School administrations are doing the best they can to keep everyone healthy. The effect of this might be some postponed or canceled events, but the more we stay away from each other the faster this virus will hopefully be over. We should encourage new ways to organize events, like prom, football games and other activities in order to give seniors, and all students in general, the year they deserve.