Featured Artist: Christina Nguyen

Olivia Kilby, editor-in-chief

Gifted senior showcases her realistic artwork

With her passion for art starting at a young age, with a lot of practice, senior Christina Nguyen possesses the ability to create extremely realistic drawings. Her love for creating art was inspired by her father.

“My dad is my biggest inspiration because when I was little I’d always be so amazed at what he could paint and I always wanted to be as good as him,” said Nguyen.

To expand her artistic techniques, Nguyen is currently taking a studio art class here at Kapaun Mt. Carmel She appreciates how the class pushes her to try new techniques. “I feel like it’s helping me because it pushes me out of my comfort zone,” Nguyen said. “I’m able to try different things than what I’m used to.”

Realism, Nguyen’s favorite style of art, depicts people or things how they truly are.

“My artistic style is realism, and I almost always draw people,” Nguyen said. “I like to capture the beauty of something or someone.”

She expresses how the most difficult skill to master is making the piece look indistinguishable to the reference.
“The hardest skill to master is making something look as realistic as possible. Sometimes, there’s so much detail that it gets hard to make it look identical to the reference photo,” said Nguyen.

Nguyen contributes her skillful pieces to the amount of effort she puts into her artwork.
“I feel like time has helped me the most in becoming a better artist because I was able to learn from my mistakes and master my technique,” explains Nguyen.

Having patience is important when completing an art piece for Nguyen. Depending on the amount of detail in her drawings, it may take Nguyen two weeks to a full month to complete.

“Something really challenging about being an artist is having patience because a piece of art could take many weeks and sometimes you want to rush and finish it, but usually that’s how you mess up,” said Nguyen.

“I usually draw whenever I have time or late at night because it doesn’t interfere with soccer and school. This year I don’t have as much schoolwork so I have more time to draw if I wanted to,” Nguyen said. “I usually just put on some music or put on some YouTube. I always draw late at night after I’m done with everything, or sometimes I’d just draw until I actually need to get my homework done.”

Senior Jillian Hurley, recognizes Nguyen’s hard work and dedication to her drawings while taking studio art together.
“I think her style is amazing. On her most recent project, it was hard to tell it was even drawn. It looked like she could have printed it out,” Hurley said. “I think her attention to detail and work ethic go hand in hand and that’s what makes her such a great artist.”

Nguyen believes art has many benefits.

“It can be a way of passing time. Other times, it can be emotionally healing and helps me cope with things going on in my life, or it can just be for the fun of it,” Nguyen said.

Although she is graduating this year, Nguyen plans to continue to create art in college.