Life continues after COVID-19


Infographic by Olivia Kilby

With the quarantine order in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people all around the world are wondering how to stay connected despite social distancing. Fortunately, we have plenty of online platforms to hold us together while we are apart.

 Kapaun Mt. Carmel students share ways they are keeping up with their friends and staying connected.

“Social media has really helped me stay connected with friends and family during this distancing. Since I’m naturally a homebody, this quarantine hasn’t been too harsh,” said sophomore Diana Pham.

Sophomores Hayley Stewart and Natalie Ostmeyer share how she keeps up with after school activities and stays connected with friends and family.

“I still have my regular dance schedule with classes held over Zoom, and I’m required to practice and learn new choreography on my own. I enjoy doing dance workout videos with my sisters. I watch a show or movie almost every night with my family. I see my classmates over Zoom and text close friends to stay in touch,” Stewart said.

“I’ve mostly been texting and video chatting with my friends throughout the day, but some days are harder than others when it comes to boredom,” Ostmeyer said.

Even KMC teachers are telling their stories.

“I have stayed connected to my family by cooking together, singing and dancing together and having meaningful conversation,” said religion teacher Beth Ferraro. “Sheltering in place with my granddaughter Ellie has truly been a gift! Feeding her, changing her, bathing her, talking and singing to her. That’s the best type of connecting [for me]. With my students, we are staying connected through GroupMe, Google Classroom, and email.”

Speech and Debate coach Lauren Gengler shares the ways she stays connected.

“I’m still visiting my parents. We are all socially distancing and they are the only other people I spend time with,” Gengler said. “They live here in Wichita, so it is very convenient. I’ve also spent plenty of time having video chats with friends. My best friend lives in Kansas City and I talk with her on Facetime about once a week.”

As a teacher, Gengler has to find ways to stay in touch with her students.

“I have scheduled Zoom calls for each of my classes. These are optional, but it is my way of being able to stay in touch and see their faces. I’m also trying to keep myself available for students to email me with questions. For my forensics team, we are doing Saturday Zoom calls to try to boost our team unity, in place of going to tournaments.”

Many people want to know how to stay connected with God despite not being able to physically go to Church.

“I have connected to God through novena, daily video reflections, daily rosaries, divine mercy chaplets and live streaming Masses, then ending the day praying the Liturgy of the Hours,” said Ferraro.

Gengler also sees importance in keeping up a healthy relationship with God.

“I think that this pandemic would be impossible to survive without God. I think that it is, in a way, forcing people into a deeper relationship with Him. I live alone, so He is often my only company throughout the day. I find that I’m taking more time to pray, say a rosary, or even “attend” Mass [online Mass live streams]. Mass has been more consistent in my daily routine since this started than it was before the pandemic.”

From Facetime to email to online dance classes, there are countless ways to stay connected during these uncertain times.