Sporting School Spirit

Julia Hagen, photographer


Cheering with the team, sophomore Madelyn Dunne and junior Kelsie Kreutzer clap after a goal is made at the game versus Maize at the Titan Classic March 28. “Being on the soccer team has definitely helped me become closer to other girls,” Dunne said. “I always look forward to games because I think we all push each other to work hard and do our best on the field since we have such a high standard to hold ourselves up to.”


Taking a knee, the varsity softball team listens to head coach Doug Cline after a game April 4. The girls won against West 16-0 after three innings. “I love playing with this group of girls,” sophomore Ali Nye (15) said. “They have become a second family to me and I think that’s the perfect way to represent Kapaun, as a family.”


In a huddle, the varsity girls soccer team gather around to talk strategy for their next play. Freshman Mackenzie Orr talked about her first high school season, “Playing soccer for Kapaun is really fun. I have been on the same soccer team my whole life so I love the new experiences and new faces. Everyone is so nice and fun and I feel lucky to be on such a great team and to be representing Kapaun.”


Observing from the sidelines, juniors Hannah Le, Kelsie Kreutzer, Abby Aguilar, and sophomore Madelyn Dunne watch the soccer game unfold before them April 18. The varsity girls team won against South 7-0. “When I play soccer I feel like I’m with my second family working as a unified team,” said Aguilar in the blue.