Opinion: Adoration brings unity, faith to KMC


Seniors Will Woodburn, Tanner Weins and Michael Hogan lead the Eucharistic procession among the student body March 26 in the old gym. Photo by John Biehler

Thomas Searl, Editor-in-chief

Amidst increased efforts to draw Kapaun Mt. Carmel students deeper into their faith lives, KMC brought about something truly special Tuesday, March 26.

With the entire student body packed into the old gymnasium, Wichita Adore Ministries, a group which brings unique opportunities for Eucharistic adoration around the Diocese of Wichita, helped orchestrate something unique to KMC history. The hour-long adoration was marked by incredible silence and a darkness penetrated only by the light shining on the Eucharist. Students and teachers knelt down in adoration as a school, centering us on the central figure of our school and our faith: Jesus.

Adoration is being offered from 6:30-7:30 in the morning on Wednesdays throughout the season of lent. In addition, students are been offered a daily challenge to grow in their faith, which is announced during morning announcements. A marked change has come about in the form of increased attendance at morning mass.

These changes, spearheaded by the administration and our school chaplains, Fr. Curtis Hecker and Fr. Gabriel Greer have produced what I believe to be a wonderful emphasis on faith at our school. Students have seen the difference too, as I’ve noticed many students making a more public display of their commitment to our faith. I am proud of our school as I see these positive changes in attitude and action, and I have no doubt these changes will create a better community among our school.