New admin joins faculty

Krystal Luong, staff writer

In the faculty lounge, future Dean of Academics David Stephenson poses for a photo after meeting the faculty and teachers at Kapaun Mt. Carmel and touring the building Jan. 18. He will start the role July 1. photo by Krystal Luong

As the students begin a new semester, the faculty is preparing to welcome a new face for the 2019-2020 school year, future Dean of Academics David Stephenson.

Stephenson will be soon presiding over Kapaun Mt. Carmel as the new Dean of Academics, working closely with the faculty and students during the new school year.

“I am very excited [to become the new Dean],” Stephenson said. “I’ve heard a lot about the school and was originally from this area, but by being a principal in the diocese, I’ve gotten to know Mr. Bloomer and about the school more. This is the area where my family is in and to get back to the Wichita area and getting a chance to work at a great place like Kapaun is amazing. After visiting [the school], I knew it was a place that felt like home.”

Stephenson’s hiring was announced in a Jan. 10 press release.

“We are pleased to be able to fill this position with such a talented administrator who brings significant experience to our team and has a gift for mentoring and developing teachers,” said Principal Chris Bloomer, in the press release.

Stephenson is the current principal of St. Mary’s Colgan, a diocesan high school in Pittsburg.

“Mr. Stephenson is currently under contract as the principal at St. Mary’s Colgan in Pittsburg,” Bloomer said. “That contract will be completed in June, and he will start with us in July. I think the fact that he’s currently serving as a principal gives him a unique perspective of the entire building and educational process.”

Stephenson has had administrative duties for nearly a decade, strengthening his leadership and relationship skills with students and teachers, Bloomer said. He is recognized for being able to guide new teachers into their profession with ease. Stephenson has previously worked as a teacher and coach in Augusta and Arkansas City.

“I think that Mr. Stephenson will undoubtedly be able to build relationships with our students,” Bloomer said. “He definitely recognizes the importance of bonding with students and the student body. He is a great supporter of student activities, and [his encouragement] will be highly visible at our events. I think his easy-going personality and his eagerness to attend as many events as he can will make him an instant hit with our students.”

Stephenson’s zeal for his responsibilities are shown through his work and devotion to the students and teachers of all the schools he has worked for, Bloomer said.               

“He cares a great deal about his students and faculty,” Bloomer said. “It was his compassion for the people around him, his willingness to go the extra mile and his knowledge of sound teaching pedagogy that made him a lock for us.”

As the new Dean of Academics, Stephenson will work with the faculty to develop new teaching methods and to build a better community for both students and teachers.

“I think this role will be more unique and different than anything that he’s done up to this point in his career,” Bloomer said. “At the same time, I think that his ability to focus strictly on the faculty [and] enhancing their experience, will translate to an even better experience for our students.”

Stephenson agrees, saying he is excited to work with the faculty and create the best high school experience for both students and teachers.

“I’m looking forward to growing with [the KMC] community and being part of it,” Stephenson said. “I’m excited to work with such a great student body and faculty, and I look forward to helping in any way I can.”