Houses start off new semester

Krystal Luong, staff writer

Adjusting their tape and raw spaghetti noodles, sophomores Sharlene Tran and Joseph Sanchez and freshman Jackson Engle construct a tower for the HOTY competition during CAP time Jan. 8. The tallest tower belonged to Ignatious of Loyola at 36 inches. photo by Isabella Perez

After a semester of competition between the houses, the students return this semester for more contests and games.

The final semester results were announced in December, and prizes were awarded to the semester leader of the House of the Year competition: Therese of Lisieux.

Prizes included Mass seating preferences chosen by each house president and lunch line privileges.

“Mass seating changes every semester as a HOTY incentive,” Dean of Deans Katie Hull said. “During finals week [last] December, the [house presidents] picked new spots based on their current HOTY standings. First-place house president got to pick their section first, then second place and so on. Some houses changed [their] spots and some did not.”

The members of Therese of Lisieux are now also able to pass the lunch line with the seniors.

Lunch line privileges have changed at [the end of last] semester,” Hull said. “The first-place house [at] the end of [the first] semester was Therese of Lisieux, [so] they are allowed to join the seniors at the front of the lunch line.”

During the first HOTY competition of the new semester Jan. 8, students in each family were divided into groups to construct a tower using only a marshmallow, raw spaghetti noodles, tape and string. Each family took pictures of their tallest towers and sent in their picture to Hull to review. Of those towers, the tallest belonged to Ignatius of Loyola at 36 inches, rewarding that house 10 points.

The houses of Ignatius of Loyola and Therese of Lisieux were in charge of the Sweetheart pep rally Feb. 1 and the Sweetheart dance Feb. 9. The pep rally was highlighted by a teacher lip-synch battle and pom’s girl/senior boy dance. Catholic Schools Week led up to the pep rally, which was planned by the house presidents.

“Catholic Schools Week [was] planned by the Executive Crusader Council [house presidents],” Hull said. “They [chose] the themes for each day, and [planned] any activities or competitions during the week, with the advisement of [the] administration. This used to be done by a committee of teachers each year. There [were] two [HOTY] competitions during Catholic Schools Week. [It was] Tuesday’s (Jan. 29) participation in the theme spirit day and a trivia contest during [the] Tuesday CAP time as well.”

The next HOTY activity is scheduled for Feb. 26. Upcoming HOTY competitions include  the house competitions, the Blood Drive, and the Pop Tab Drive in April. The houses of Clare of Assisi and Aloysius de Gonzaga are in charge of the Pop Tab Drive, but the deans are encouraging students to start collecting tabs now.