9 powerlifters place at state contest


Hannah Harpel, Facebook Manager

Posing with their medals, senior Michael Spangler places first overall in the Bonner Springs Powerlifting meet March 3. photo courtesy of Gabby Altenor

Taking home 11 medals in its first meet at Goddard, Kapaun Mt. Carmel’s new Powerlifting Club fared well in competition in its inaugural season
Senior competitor Gabby Altenor placed second at state and explained exactly how a meet works.
“I thought we’d be lifting in an actual weight room, but we lifted in a gym and they just set down [a] tarp on the floor and all the machines,” Altenor said. “You come in with your team and sign in, get your opening lifts and your weight class, then they separate you into your weight class and you lift against those people. You have three tries each time to get your lift and each time, and if you hit that mark you can go up by any number of pounds that you choose.”
Club workouts are held everyday; however, each day’s exercise varies. Certain days revolve around different parts of the body in order to increase each member’s maxes for squats, bench and hang clean, the basic lifts in a powerlifting meet.
“I’ve always wanted to have a powerlifting club and it is good for the off-season,” said junior Dominic Bann, who also plays football. “[Sponsor] Clint Vancuren has a very strict regimen of workouts every practice and has specific workouts to get ready for competing and it’s all just a lot of fun.”
Vancuren first thought of creating a Powerlifting Club during the summer, and after gaining interest from football players and other athletes, he went ahead with plans to form the club.
“Powerlifting has always been a part of my life,” Vancuren said. “I competed in high school and college, and still compete. I have seen a lot of the benefits from competing in powerlifting such as athleticism, mental toughness, developing a good work ethic and self-confidence. I thought having a powerlifting team would help out our athletic teams as well as give students who aren’t participating in athletics to be able to meet people people while working out, and allow them to be a part of a team and compete.”
In its first 5A meet at Goddard High School Jan. 27, the women’s team placed second overall, the men’s team placed fourth, and the junior men’s placed second.
“I was very pleased with how our teams did at the Goddard High School meet,” Vancuren said. “This was a very good accomplishment, especially for our women’s team. We were missing some girls that would have had a good shot at placing for us. Beating us was Goddard, who is the defending 5A state champion. Our men’s team also competed very well and finished fourth despite missing a good number of athletes due to wrestling and other athletic commitments.”
The Powerlifting Club participated at the state competition in Bonner Springs March 3, where the men’s team placed fourth and the women’s team placed 10th. There were also several Top 3 finishers, including sophomore Richard Estivo (first), senior Michael Spangler (first), Altenor (second), senior Adam Ayala (second), senior Dylan Baxter (third) and senior Nick Channel (third).