Senior places second in state competition


Hannah Harpel, Facebook Manager

Lifting early in the morning, senior Gabby Altenor practices her hang clean in the weights room March 1. photo by Sophee King

Coming into Kapaun Mt. Carmel’s weight room at 6 a.m., seniGabby Altenor begins her school day lifting weights by herself.
“I love lifting and would rather be in a weights class, but my busy schedule and honors classes don’t really allow me the time needed to get in the weight room,” Altenor said. “For those two reasons, I lift in the morning.”
Altenor was first introduced to the Powerlifting Club last summer by weights coach Clint Vancuren, and began lifting in August. Beginning her first Powerlifting season, Altenor’s goal was to be able to bench 120 pounds. By her last meet, she started with 135 pounds as a first attempt.
“I would say what I think separates Gabby from the average athlete is her mentality,” Vancuren said. “She does whatever she needs to do to get better. It’s things like getting up at 5am after working on homework until midnight and coming in to work out when she might be the only one there.”
Participating in the state competition at Bonner Springs March 3 in her 165 pound weight class, Altenor placed second overall.
“Gabby is very strong, passionate, and a devoted lifter,” senior Evelyn Nguyen said. “She is a very successful lifter—no matter what she always ends up in the Top 3—and she is willing to push herself to do more in order to have the best lift.”