“Keyed” cars make students upset

Krystal Luong, staff writer

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With more than 25 cars scratched in the KMC parking lot, students are convinced the damage was caused by vandalism. Principal Chris Bloomer, however, thinks the car damages were accidental.

“We find no evidence of [the scratches] being [caused by a] key,” Bloomer said. “We’ve reviewed the tapes, and we don’t see an individual knocking out cars. I can’t say that there haven’t been cars keyed, but it’s not happened on our campus, not at least that we can verify. I did find a branch that was sticking out, and as cars left that far west parking lot, it was scratching cars, but there wasn’t any significant damage. Maybe, on some of the cars there is, so we’re attempting to bring out an individual and have the scratches buffed out.”

Sophomore Ella Anciaux agrees, saying it is possible her car could have been scratched by the tree branch.

“It’s very possible my car had been scratched by the tree branch because it’s just a single line that goes from the front to the back of my car, and it’s really thin and wasn’t really that severe,” Anciaux said. “It matched the description that [Dean of Students] Mr. [John] Heise gave so I’m pretty sure it came from the branch.”

The students with scratched cars are spread throughout the parking lot, without a significant pattern or starting point.

“You can see the pattern of the damaged cars that it doesn’t make sense,” Bloomer said. “If someone’s going to vandalize cars, then they’re going to go to a certain area and vandalize that area, not randomly. That part doesn’t make sense.”

Sophomore Grant Johnson thinks otherwise, having strong opinions on what happened to his car.

“I reported [the damage] to the school, and I was very upset [about] my car getting damaged,” Johnson said. “People say it was a tree branch, but I personally think it was keyed because the scratches were on different heights and sides of my car. If it really was a tree branch, it wouldn’t have been spread through areas of the car, and it wouldn’t be hard enough to make so much damage.”

To compensate the students’ damage, Bloomer called Affordable Sprayers Scratch Repair to repair the scratches on the cars Oct. 23.