Dual Sport Athlete Discusses Difficulties

John Biehler, Photo Editor

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Since freshman year, junior JD Mash has been the goalie for the Kapaun Mt. Carmel soccer team. Mash started out on JV and is now starting varsity. Mash made the decision this year to join the football team as a kicker, while at the same time playing goalie for soccer.

“They didn’t have a kicker originally, and (Coach Danny) Adelhart asked me to come out and kick,” Mash said. “I went out and kicked a couple times and he liked it so I continued.”

The skills that he has acquired from playing soccer have transferred from the soccer pitch to the football field. The fundamentals are relatively the same, so the transition came easier.

“Soccer involves a lot of kicking so it kind of came naturally,” Mash said. “Kicking in football has a different technique but I figured it out quickly.”

Time management became more important when Mash decided to start playing football. Not only has he had to balance practice times, but he also has to deal with games that are on the same day. In this case, soccer has priority over football.

“I go to soccer first and then football runs after,” Mash said. “Soccer is my first priority so I have to go to that before football.”

On Nov. 12, soccer played a game in Lawrence, the same day and time that football had a game in Roeland Park against St. James Academy. Mash finished the soccer game, and then drove 40 minutes to kick field goals for the second half of the football game. 

The soccer team will play in the quarterfinals of the 5A playoffs against Bishop Carroll on Oct. 29. With the win over Hays last friday, Oct. 26, the football team travels to Great Bend for regionals Nov. 2.