“You Can’t Take it with You” debuts Oct. 18

Olivia Wilber, staff writer

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Praying with her “family”, sophomore Amelia Bettati acts in the dress rehearsal of the school play “You Can’t Take it with You” Oct. 17 at KMC. The play runs Oct. 18 to Oct. 20 and is at 7 p.m. each night in the KMC auditorium.

Preparing for the show, senior Will Niebuhr gets his makeup done by sophomore Eden Hadley.

Sophomore Amelia Bettati

Junior Gus Emerson and sophomore Nick Wetta

Freshman Patrick Bloomer

Senior Jonah Nichols

Sophomore Jackson Crile and freshman Gia Alicea

Senior Anna Wrinn and sophomore Jackson Crile

Junior Gus Emerson, freshman Gia Alicea, senior Grace Quayle, senior Maddie Robinson, senior Jonah Nichols, freshman Jonathan Kha, and senior Anna Wrinn