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Book version does not disappoint

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by Kinta Kail

Stephen King’s novel “It” centers around seven characters who bonded as children during a summer of darkness. In the midst of playfulness and overcoming bullies, their childhood is interrupted by a sinister force in their town. Twenty-seven years later, they are brought together again to fulfill a promise made that summer. Evil dwells under the town of Derry, Maine, and for some reason, these seven have been destined to bring an end to the cycle of death and devastation.

The most important event of the story is the disappearance of 7-year-old Georgie Dunbrough. One day, as Georgie runs alongside his paper boat, it sails down the street until it flows into a drain. While Georgie tries to retrieve the boat, a clown appears before him. The clown offers back the boat and, when Georgie tries to take it, the clown tears his arm off, killing him.

Twenty-seven years later, nine similar events occur. The original group of friends are reunited and determined to solve this mystery. The book is dark and scary, yet hilarious. The group jokes, even during the story’s terrifying moments.

The most important theme of the novel is friendship. Each child is a loner and deals with the torment of bullies; however, their friendship overcomes all of that. Yes, there are gory and scary moments, but people of all ages can relate to the children in this book because we all have to face the same fears.

I recommend this behemoth, at 1,138 pages, to high-school-age-readers and older because there are a lot of explicit details and swear words. It is a very moving novel that will have you laughing and crying the entire way through due to its humor and its horror.

Starring in the new movie “It,” Bill Skarsgard plays Pennywise the clown. He eerily stares at the children in one of the horror scenes of the movie. His signature red balloon represents the evil of Derry, Maine. photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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Book version does not disappoint